About Us

Our company is specialized in the production of high quality technical sportswear, exclusively MADE IN ITALY.
All our products are entirely designed and packaged in our Modena factories, using the best Italian materials, in order to guarantee the best quality on the market.
Thanks to the use of the digital sublimation printing technique (the most modern and advanced technology currently available in technical sportswear) we are able to totally customize the products, in order to make the design of each single supply unique.

Mabersport: Quality, service, convenience.


Italian Quality

All our products are manufactured in our Modena factories, in order to guarantee the highest quality


Digital Sublimatic Printing

You can enter numbers, names, logos, sponsors ... at no extra cost, choosing from over 16 million colors


Extra Large Sizes

By directly developing all the models of the garments we produce, we can dress all sizes, with sizes up to 6XL


Fast Production

The entire production cycle takes place in Italy, so we are able to make your clothes extremely quickly

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