How to order

Follow this guide to find out how to buy on our site:

1) Choose your product

Choose your product and start customizing it

2) Customize with the DESIGNER

Thanks to our DESIGNER you will be able to customize all the products, in particular you will be able to change colors, insert logos and sponsors, numbers and names of the players. For more information on the use of the DESIGNER you can consult our tutorial.

3) Choice of quantity

After customizing the product, select the quantity you wish to purchase by placing it in the cart. Based on the quantity purchased, the price will be calculated. In this step you can indicate the sizes and possible matching with the name and number of players, or you can communicate them later.

4) Order completion

After placing the products in the cart, you can complete the order process by entering your data and choosing shipping and payment methods

5) Order summary

Once we have received all the specifications, we will send you an order summary email, before proceeding with production

6) Start of production

As soon as we receive confirmation, we will immediately place the order in production.

7) Delivery of the goods

Once production is complete we will deliver the goods. You will receive the products complete with everything, ready to be worn.

Frequent questions

Do you have doubts? If you don't find the answer to your questions in the form below, contact us and our staff will answer any questions